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Baseball bat
Baseball Bat
"A powerful wooden bat. Move that debris quickly out of the way. Hold those zombies back with brute force! The bat is glorious!"


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What's Braainsio About? is a multiplayer game where you start off as a human. You get 85 seconds until the outbreak happens. Explore the map and find spots where you can use Debris around the map to make barricades to provide shelter from getting infected or simply you could just hide in a bush and hope for the best. Earn points to buy Items to help make these barricades. Points are earned by either staying alive long enough, or becoming infected and infecting others. is filled with Skins as well. If you feel tired of looking at the default zombie skin. Simply buy a new one. allows players to buy Human skins, Sick skins, Zombie skins, and even Zombie king skins!

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